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when looking for a photographer before the birth of my first son, i searched for hours until i found sierra. Her website gave me an okay impression and i wanted to meet with her. did she not only ACCOMMODATE every single request of mine for the meeting, she has always gone above and beyond for my needs/desires! once i met her i knew i had to have her photograph my birth… then my second… and now my third! I am so very grateful for her and the passion she has to showcase love (in all forms!) and from her point of view. whether its sitting in a freezing cold spot of water at 38 weeks pregnant for the most epic image, or being fully exposed and vulnerable at the most MAGNIFICENT time of my life. she captures love, and we love her for it! sierra is our person (as well as family photographer!) by the way she feeds you after birth… we are talking 3+ meals that are amazing and catered to what my family likes! thank you sierra, we love you!

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Congratulations! I am so grateful you found your way here! Really, I truly am! This is one of the most spectacular times of your life. I honestly am not usually big on talking about myself, but they made me create an awesome information filled about me page, so go check it out! Next stop after that would be the galleries! I also have some freebies linked throughout the site - most are in their own blogs (which can be found here!)
Again, thank you so much for showing up, I am utterly grateful! ❤


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thank you for being here ❤

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