About Sierra

When given the task to write about myself, I usually refer to myself as a mom, sister, maybe a friend; but who I am is a human being completely in awe of women and birthing people everywhere! The fact that our bodies tend to know what to do makes me giddy with excitement like my 4 year old being promised hatchimals for being good (yepp i bribe my daughter 😂)… so who am I; other than someone who loves birth and respects birth?! I am Sierra. A woman who ❤❤’s emojis, text messaging, making lists to feel like an adult, a CBD consumer, and lover of the human body. I am one of those people who will send you about 10 texts for 1 conversation… idk; its really just how my brain works.😊🤷‍♀️ It might not be super professional of me to have emojis in the about me, but whatevs that is truly who I am.

I am an all or nothing kind of girl. I am usually two feet in before anyone else is even ready to jump. I live outside of Ithaca New York, and can usually be found venturing off into the woods for a hike or to a park to give my kids space to run and exert all their energy! I am a mom to two amazing kids, Mags and Mase (yes, I am aware of the M&M thing, but Mags actually picked Mase’s name; cute right 💗). The kindness and love that radiates out of them is out of this world! I am super grateful for this life. I had a realization in 2018 at a women’s retreat that my purpose on this planet is to change the perception of birth and how women are supported before, during, and after birth and through their first year of motherhood; truthfully even beyond that. That birth is the beginning of all things, we are brought here for a purpose; we each have one. For women, most of our purpose is realizing our power; and I believe that through photography we can honor it!

The reason for my website is to not only connect with you, but I also have a lot of FREE information, Helpful pregnancy, birth, postpartum, motherhood/parenthood, and just real life tid-bits. Its a space for me to open my heart and pour it out fully and without judgement or worry that I am being judged.

I am currently working on a few behind the scenes things like a free online birth guide for Ithaca New York (where I live), and I am co-creating with The Arch App (Te-Anna I ❤ you!!) for some awesomeness down in New York City - because even though I grew up in a small country town, I have a love of the pace of the city, and a lot of really amazing people that I love live in/around the city.

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I specialize in pregnancy, birth, motherhood + parenthood; as well as family connection sessions. I would describe myself as a documentary style photographer. I do not love posing people and snapping those cheesy smiles, I desire real emotion and connection. I want fun in home sessions, in your pajamas, jumping on your bed; making waffles and making a mess. That is what I love capturing - well next to birth, because whoa is that powerful! I am grateful for you being here. If you’d like check out my galleries, and book a chat with me; go ahead. I love talking to possible clients, learning about what brought you here and how I can serve you!

thank you again for being here!


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