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here is some cold hard facts about me.. ready?

when i was a child, i DIDN'T play house.

i played outside, in mud. i never once told my parents that i wanted to be a mother, or have children

my mom was LEGITIMATELY worried about me becoming a mother because of this.

but you know what, motherhood has been the best thing ever, giving birth propelled me into

my love of birth and what our bodies do. i am in awe of women. I want to honor you and this time in your life! ❤

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Pregnancy photography

You have probably looked at what 10 + photographers, trying to find the one that you CONNECT with, one that will truly honor this time in your life.. well like others; LOOK NO FARTHER! I would like to think that I am the BEST of the BEST! The end all for pregnant mamas, because for me its not just about pictures. Its about HONORING you, your partner, and the LOVE that has grown between you two!

birth photography

I am going to start by stating that no birth photography is not just taking pictures of your baby crowing or your vagina. birth photography for me is about capturing the entire story, your story, your birth, your babies birth, ALL of the events and moments of your birth. I truly want to tell your story, and all that is your birth; because mama you are not just birthing a baby here you a birthing you. The transformation of birth is something that we can not really describe; you must experience it. The best I can do is is say that birth is like the phoenix, in a sense you burn up the old you, RISING to the new you.. the MAMA!

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First Look Sessions (Fresh 48)

These are for every mama (yes, first looks are also part of my birth photography packages — I like to SPOIL my clients!) who want to capture your first moments of motherhood. In your space. This is an awesome time if you didn’t have your children at your birth to capture the moments of your older child(ren) meeting the new babe! I am not there to pose you, I take a fly on the wall perspective; maybe some posing but what I am focused on capturing are your moments.

family love sessions

If there is one thing you need to know about me it is that I do not like the classic sit there and everyone look at the camera and smile. I like this, classic connection and true emotion. I love the in-between moments, the ones that might not seem picture perfect but truly are.

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REMEMBER mama, you are strong, you are capable. you are radiant, and you bring life into this world. that truly is remarkable. remember to be in the photo so you can see how truly radiant you are!