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hiii! thank you for visiting!

i am sierra, mama of 2, wife of the most perfectly manifested man ever. well… lets be real, its most days… but not all days. he sure does get under my skin, but after 10 years together… he kind of knows; right. they all kinda know!?

this last year, i really needed to find an amazing group of women (sisters really!) that supported me fully, and i believe and am happy to report that i have found most of the sisters that i need in my life. it still feels like there is more to be brought in, but we will have to wait and see.

you might be reading this at this point and wondering what the heck does her rambling have to do with this blog she is trying to start, and probably be like all those other mom bloggers… lame!

noooope! not me ladies (and gents if you are reading this too!) i am real, ask my husband. i cant tell you how many times my mouth and need to tell people about themselves has backfired on me. more than i need to mention. see i have been on this journey of self discovery (aren’t we all on one of these?!) since becoming a mama. a journey of who i truly am, it started with yoga to help my postpartum depression and anxiety. from there it went to really deep deep journaling, learning about my animal totems, astrology… so much!! within the last 2 years i have truly begun to step into who i truly am, not only as me myself the soul being; but as a momma and vessel to my children, a friend, a wife (still working out the kinks in this one ((punn intended!)), sister, and daughter).

i feel there is a huge need for us as women, mothers, wives, SERIOUSLY… how many roles do we have in our lives (i was going to say play, because its kind of like acting when your who you truly are). i question the media every single day, and gosh… does my husband love love love the news, the dramatic reality shows, and almost anything on the history channel (here i am being real, i watch tv to, right now im binge watching (while i work on my website!!) blue bloods, and i love my tv time with my husband but fuck). glenn usually hears me saying “the news again…” gosh its so depressing.

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this is my family and i. my dear sweet sweet husband (who is in the works creating his own BUSINESS of custom CARPENTRY —- if your looking for someone let me know, i know a guy!) anyways, our two kids.. maggie and mason (again another honest thing about me, ill tell you how im still not set on his name as mason… maggie picked it; because glenn and i couldn’t agree on a name).

anyways, i am a local connectopher capturing the moments in time for you to save forever! i am excited for this blog, and how much awesome content i have to share.. some of it more related to birth; but there is a huge amount of information coming your way about stepping into who you are truly meant to be.

this is not like any other blog, we are going to talk about all the hard stuff.. the stuff that your grandma/mom/maybe even you might be a little EMBARRASSED about it.

and thats okay!

i will hold space for all the mamas that need space held for them, i want to help you through anything that might need to be talked about; that your afraid to talk about with whomever you might be afraid to talk about something with.

just a few topics we will cover in 2019

  • poop

  • sex after 1 kid

  • sex after 2 kids

  • female orgasms

  • cbd oil and the benefits for mothers

  • why you need to be pleasuring yourself

  • knowing how to tell your partner the best ways to pleasure you

  • transitioning to food

  • breastfeeding tips and tricks

  • why you don’t need to force relationships with your children

  • fuck fake friends

  • the best TRANSITION methods for co-sleeping with a baby

  • then same thing… but with a toddler who has been co-sleeping a longggg time

  • top 5 things motherhood has taught me

  • things to do around ithaca for a 1 year old

  • monthly fitness CHALLENGES (join me!!)

  • raising a strong girl

  • raising a strong boy

  • teaching your son to respect girls/women

  • tips for being a bombass mom

  • flying with 2 kids under 5

  • camping trip with kids

  • cannabis and motherhood

  • teaching them realistically about life

  • randomness about me + my family

  • much much more!!!!!

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thank you for reading this far!! i am going to go.. i’m not sure what more there is to sa other than…

thank you for being here

i love you!