A letter to my kids... | Raw Motherhood | Ithaca New York


To my Sweet Maggie and my mister man Mase,


I want to first start by saying how much I love you. Every single day you teach me something new not only about myself, but about you as well and it blows my mind. I am captivated by both of you and your ability to actually be human beings.. I can’t get over you two!! 😍😍 YOU BOTH LITERALLY AMAZE ME EVERY πŸ‘SINGLEπŸ‘ DAY!! ❀😘

I know there are days I yell and snap at you more than I should (seriously 1 time is definitely too many!), but then there are the days where we all are great… and lately those days are farther and farther apart… but I am trying. I am truly working every single day to be a better mother for you, BUT honestly.. its more about me being better for ME! Yes you are important, and yes this might feel like mommy is β€œselfish” but taking the time I need for my soul, is so important so I can be there for you both fully! Just being there in space isn’t helping you.. and wont help you. The amount of love that I have for you radiates from my entire body

Mags you and daddy are alike in your personalities.. calm, attentive to what is happening around you, and just focused. Its so beautiful. You are an old soul like him, i love it!! I see some of my characters, and the sass you give… that’s all me. πŸ˜‚ Mase you are ready to run before you can walk. You are so social, and love everyone! It so beautiful to watch!

I feel like I have tell you that there will always to be mean people throughout your life. They are not being mean to you because of you. They are struggling, and honestly could use a little bit more love. That’s all we all ever want as human beings is a little bit more love. ❀❀❀❀

The reason for this letter to just to get some stuff off of my mind, remind you again in writing how much you truly mean to me. I hope that when you are older you will read mommy’s letters to you, and feel my love! ❀

I love you two beyond this lifetime, and for every single lifetime after this. ❀❀❀❀