dads say the #1 reason why you need to book a birth photographer is... | Sierra Shawn Photography | Ithaca New York


have you ever talked to a dad that has had children after the 1980’s they would tell you how they were in the labor room with their wife while they labored, being of some sort of support (or at least trying). they might make a remark about how it was painful, or seemed like their significant other was in a lot of pain and they didn’t know what to do about it, or how to support. well Other than “labor breath” they use to teach . Today if you ask a dad about the birth of their child, maybe if they are “one of those dads” that had their wife basically tell them “we are getting a birth photographer, i want this captured”; they got it and can direct you to possibly an album of the birth, or maybe even just an online gallery of the images. where you can see for your self the beauty of the birth, the adoration on the parents faces of the first few moments post birth. these images will hold time still for them while they are in the thick of parenting and raising said child. they remind you of the beauty in that miracle labeled pregnancy and childbirth.

in all honesty, i love talking to dads; especially those dads that are on the fence of getting a birth photographer, because literally after every birth that I have attended where dad was on the fence, after the birth they were absolutely grateful and thankful that i was there to capture it. in all honesty that is why i do it. if i only ever change one persons view on birth, from something semi “gross” to something beautiful i have fully and COMPLETELY done my job 100 PERCENT amazingly!

so, recently sent out a little questionnaire to my dads in search of their number one reason to have the birth of their child photographed… and you know what almost most all of them said …

they want the birth of their child photographed because it all happens so fast. it becomes a blur soon after the birth and Having something tangible even if its a photo in an online gallery that you can look at to remind you of the hard work that was achieved and the beauty of the day your child came into this world.

if you give birth at a hospital. or even at home there is stuff that happens like the weighing of babe, babies first latch, holding and bonding with baby, maybe the siblings first meet of babe, or grandparents meeting babe. so much happens and do you want to really be holding your phone taking photos, NO! you truly want to be living in the moment, give yourself that much. you’ll have your entire life to take cell phone pictures of your babe, hire a birth photographer for the birth/first look after birth to be in the moment with your loved ones and brand new babe! ❤

(( dads thank you so much for allowing me to be in the space. i am forever grateful to you! ❤ )) 

I picked a few of my favorite dads to share some photos of them, because birth photography is all about the beauty in the birth of your child and the love that is there. lets freeze some moments in time to create some magic for you and your families!

have a beautiful week! ❤