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So, you peed on the stick and it came up positive… in that moment you are flooded with ALL the emotions of learning that you are now carrying a new babe. It is a full on transformation in your life, going from egg to baby to BIRTH. Its beautiful, overwhelming, loving, tiring, literally you will feel all these times 100 sometimes all the time! that first time i was pregnant, i was ECSTATIC; with mason… i knew at like week 2 that something was up - I actually had taken a picture and sent it to a few close girlfriends telling them that i believe i am carrying our second baby. and to have them all come back with nothing but support and love; it was PHENOMENAL! i was blown out of this world with their love. — sorry that story is for another day.. back to you!!

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having birthed two babies, both two very DIFFERENT labors and pregnancies'; i have TALLIED up my top tips of helpfulish-realish advice ❤


1.begin by checking in, put your hand on your belly (right) and your other hand (left) on your heart; breathe in and think about how you envision your pregnancy and birth going,what do you want to have around you, people, scents, home/HOSPITAL, you can be as creative with your pregnancy and birth as you want and may need; i would also suggest checking in about how you envision your postpartum healing journey is supported and brought to fruition. the pregnancy is important, you birth is IMPORTANT, and your postpartum healing is important.

2. being searching and scheduling meetings with people you want to have apart of your birth team . some ideas include, midwife or ob, doula you can have birth and postpartum, or just BIRTH/postpartum — all are options! you have the options of having either an ob or a midwife; maybe you want a home birth with a local midwife. so many options!!! what about a birth PHOTOGRAPHER. someone to not only photography the moments as they unfold but to help hold space and capture all the beauty that is your birth. maybe hiring a newborn photographer, or a family photography for after baby is born. there ar so many options! you can start by going to your local facebook mama groups - i have found the most helpful connections and wonderful friends through there!!! <3 (if you are local here is ours — there are three but this one is top NOTCH — facebook mom group:ithaca )

3. find a birth class that suites you, maybe read books if that’s your thing, or even just have honest conversations with moms about birth. breastfeeding classes/books/LACTATION CONSULTANTS there is even in your local wic offices someone who can help you with LACTATION help. just learn in your best way of learning, thats the only way its going to stick.

4. trust your instinct, you know your body and baby best - no one else knows what feels right or wrong in your gut. also, i can only truly speak for here locally at cmc; but their nurses, midwives, obs, and even neo doctors; are all top NOTCH! the nurses have only ever been the sweetest to me and my children. even coming back to get mason checked for jaundice; they were so kind.